Top 5 Reasons Why All Nerds Need to Take Dance Lessons


Prepare yourselves ladies and gents as I dip one of my supposedly nimble toes into the realm of blog writing. This first attempt will be on a topic with which I have a great deal of familiarity… being a nerd. First, let me list my credentials on the topic so you can be assured you’re dealing with a fellow nerd. I’m a self avowed superhero enthusiast, former video game addict (I just don’t have the time right now or I would be still), and probably the most compelling credential, a former Mathematics major (basically what everyone stereotypically pictures when they think “nerd”. And yes, I was President of my College Math Club. GO MATHLETES!!). Now, there are millions of reasons dance lessons are awesome for “nerds”, but I’ll do my best to limit this to just the top 5.

Top 5 Reasons Why All Nerds Need to Take Dance Lessons

Written by Brandon Perpich


Atten-TION! (Posture)

I have been there. Countless hours in front of the tv with controller in hand, playing a game for 12-16 hours straight… or being up all hours of the night because you just HAVE to figure out the next math proof. Anyway, all those countless hours hunched over a book or computer screen are absolute TORTURE on your back. Have you ever wanted to be six inches shorter? Unless you’re over 6’7″, the answer is probably no. Staying like that all of the time actually makes you shorter, or at least appear a lot shorter. In dancing you get to do things like stand up straight. Standing up straight not only makes you look more confident, it’s great for your overall health. On to Number 2!! Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons Why All Nerds Need to Take Dance Lessons”

6 Reasons Why This NEW Blog Will Be Your NEW Best Friend

Welcome to our NEW blog! Here you will find experiences, observations, opinions, images, and links to helpful websites. So why will this blog benefit you? Read on to find out….

6 Reasons Why This NEW Blog Will Be Your NEW Best Friend

Written by Kristen Perpich

Access to the Most Common Questions that ALL Dancers Have
You can be sure that if you have a question, there have been other people with the exact same question! In this blog, you will find answers to some of the most common dance-related queries.


Hear the Info Straight From the Source
How often have you “googled” something, only to find a plethora of not-so-appealing search results? Or asked someone for their help and received an unexpected and seemingly unrelated answer? How do you know what information to trust?
In addition to answering your questions, rest assured that the information provided on this blog is coming from a dance organization that has been around for over 100 years!

A Way to Pass Along Info to Your Friends & Family that are Curious About Your New Hobby
Do your non-dancing friends often ask you about your new hobby?
This new blog will provide you with ample information to send to your friends and family, and give them a glimpse into the world of ballroom dance. Maybe they’ll even be curious enough to come to a practice party to watch you get your groove on. Continue reading “6 Reasons Why This NEW Blog Will Be Your NEW Best Friend”

5 Life-Altering Benefits of Ballroom Dance

5 Life-Altering Benefits of Ballroom Dance

Written by Barbara Haller


1. Marvelous Exercise!
Did you know it is recommended we take 10,000 steps a day?! In a 45 minute lesson you will knock out approximately 25% of your daily minimum.  Additionally, dancing, like swimming, engages all the muscles in the body which produces a toned physique! So you get a tremendous endorphin-producing workout, all while you look (and smell) great!!

Continue reading “5 Life-Altering Benefits of Ballroom Dance”